Low Quality Weight Loss Patch Alert!

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As you should already know, weight loss patches are by far the easiest method for losing weight. No exercise, pills, or dieting! So why isn’t everyone convinced? A number of fraudulent weight loss patches have come up, even getting the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) involved and having to sue the fraudulent companies. Sadly this has led people astray thinking that they don’t work.

We are here to weed out all of those low quality weight loss patches that are out there, and share with you only the highest quality weight loss patches available on the market! I Lawrence F, the owner of this website am an affiliate marketer and recommend products on this website for which I receive remuneration. Find out more at the consumer education portal. We list down the purest and highest quality patches, and share with you which product is the best for your buck!

Weight Loss Patches Compared

As you can see from the table above, the Slim Weight Patch dominates the other patches, no questions asked at only $34.00 per pack which is a measly $1.13 per patch and is available worldwide!

The Pink Patch is $49.95 per pack which equates to $1.67 per patch available only in the USA, while the Shape Patch with the shipping will set you back at $54.90 which equals to $1.83 per individual patch. You can see for yourself how much the Size Zero Patch will cost per pack and per patch including shipping by using the comparison chart above.

There are 30 patches per box included with the Slim Weight Patch, the Pink Patch and the Shape Patch, while the Size Zero Patch only contains 12 patches. What’s most impressive is that the Slim Weight Patch offers a 180 day full money back guarantee while Size Zero Patch offers a ‘life time’ guarantee but is not specific as to how it exactly works, and the other 2 only offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

SlimWeight Patch™ Featured in the Daily Mail Newspaper!

The SlimWeight Patch is one of the few weight loss patches to be featured in the Daily Mail newspaper, and this is solely because it works for weight loss. You’ll also find below in this newspaper article that Paris Hilton is also a patch user. Feel free to read the entire article below! To truly curb your appetite and control your hunger cravings, we invite you to visit the official SlimWeight Patch website http://www.slimweightpatch.com/. SlimWeight Patch WORKS, it’s what people want, and is totally hassle free!

SlimWeight Patch featured in the Daily Mail Newspaper!

Real Customer Review

Liz was kind enough to post a review of the SlimWeight Patch. Watch her review below, where she loses a whopping 4kg (8.8 pounds) in only 30 days! We find this rather fascinating as she even had a higher calorie intake than on regular weeks. Imagine how much more YOU would lose if you’d order a larger 2 or 3 month supply?

Feel free to visit the official SlimWeight Patch website http://www.slimweightpatch.com/ where you can read more about this patch, slap one on your skin, and watch the pounds slowly and steadily drop right off.

The Slim Weight Patch

This clearly shows us that the Slim Weight Patch offers the most benefits overall including being the cheapest per patch and boasting an impressive money back guarantee!

It was noticed that the Slim Weight Patch also had a much more aesthetically pleasing website. It was very informative comparing with the other websites, which hardly even touched upon how it works. The Slim Weight Patch website goes through how it works, the ingredients used, clinical studies, testimonials, and more importantly, a guarantee.

The Slim Weight Patch seems to use the most potent, natural and clinically tried and approved formula of nutrients that is absorbed into the bloodstream using the latest cutting edge trans-dermal technology! Check out the summary table we’ve listed below:

Slim Weight Patch™ – New alternative for natural weight loss

As shown above, the Slim Weight Patch offers the lowest price in the market but the HIGHEST quality weight loss patches. Other companies may use saw-dust ingredients, and charge you a fortune for useless patches that might not even work!

Best of all, if the product isn’t found to be successful, they’ll issue a FULL refund (minus processing costs). You have 180 days to claim their refund but you need to have used the product for the recommended 120 days. Are you ready to have more attention from the opposite sex? Ready to have an end to your body image issues?

Hundreds if not thousands of people would give anything to be in your chair right now, you are only one click away! Feel free to visit the official website for more information, and change the way you look forever! It couldn’t get any easier than this!